From Pollutant-Sensing Appliances to Smart Stress Diffusers

 - Mar 17, 2016
A rise in health consciousness and smart home devices has transformed ordinary home technology like thermostats and air purifiers into items that are integral to the health and wellness movement.

Since a home's air quality or temperature cannot be seen, there are several new devices being designed to give homeowners a tangible way to get in touch with their home environments. For example, Speck and AirVisual go a step further than just measuring the quality of air inside a room—these devices also chart their findings with easy-to-understand graphs and illustrated guides.

Age-old practices like aromatherapy are also being modernized with technology for the benefit of today's consumers. In addition to purifying the air, Boom is an indoor device that's meant to diffuse stress and increase psychological wellness. On a larger scale, Aura Scenting integrates aromatherapy into a home's HVAC system.