This Ceiling Bike Rack is Perfect For Apartment-Dwelling Cyclists

 - Feb 25, 2016
References: bcd-eng & kickstarter
Ceiling bike racks are a wonderful way for urban bicycle owners to continue to be able to take their bikes out when they feel like it without having to deal with their bikes taking up valuable room in their cramped apartments. While cycling is a great way to get around in the city, storage is a problem -- one that the Hide-A-Ride rack sets out to solve.

This mechanical ceiling bike rack makes it possible for you to suspend your bicycles against the ceiling and out of your way so you can preserve valuable floorspace. The rack can be bolted onto the ceiling and installed in the narrowest of spaces. It is capable of holding bicycles weighing up to 50 pounds, with a special locking loop available for added security.

Ultimately, this ceiling bike rack makes it easier for city dwellers to bike without having their bikes get in the way when not in use.