From Bat-Identifying Phone Attachments to Modular Tent Systems

 - Jul 10, 2017
Modular products have been popping up in various industries, preforming a variety of functions.

Modular products accept or provide upgrades to existing systems. For example, the Essential Phone is designed to accept new hardware upgrades and accessories as they become available. Instead of having to buy a whole new phone when the newest technology is released, consumers can now save time and money by adding to or improving specific components of the device. This concept is particularly compelling to Millennial and Gen Z consumers with limited disposable income but a strong desire for cutting-edge technology.

Products like the 'Smartphone STI Test' let users expand the ability of their existing devices without having to splurge on a whole new system. Combining technologies in this way lets users be more independent and self-reliant.

By being able to add on to and customize products, consumers now have the ability to better control purchasing decisions and personalize every aspect of their lives.