You Can Zip Rhinowolf’s Modular Supertents Together to Create More Space

 - Jun 20, 2017
References: indiegogo & designboom
Outdoor music festivals and camping excursions aren't for everyone, which is why Rhinowolf created these modular supertents, which can be zipped together to create a larger enclosure. These modular camping pods are brightly colored, and create a big enough space that's perfect for socializing, yet private enough to escape from the stimulating environment outside.

Each tent comes with a capsule that's filled with a sleeping bag, a comfy blanket and an air mattress, ensuring the comfort of even the most skeptical camper. Each tent is wind and rain-proof alleviating any discomforts that result from sleeping outside. This tent maintains the social aspects of nature excursions while allowing for privacy to be maintained.

These tents ensure a comfortable nights rest and would appeal to first time, and well seasoned campers. Photo Credits: designboom, indiegogo