SparklePop's Mixers are a line of customized, easy to assemble jewelry

 - May 16, 2017
References: kickstarter
Just a few pieces can create dozens of beautiful, customized designs with SparklePop's launch of 'Mixers,' modular jewelry that can evolve as freely as you do. As fashion progresses, styles change and new personal aesthetics are developed. The idea behind modular jewelry combats fast fashion with its ability to adapt to the changing trends.

These modular jewelry pieces can clasp nearly anywhere allowing for the consumer to create a unique, personalized design, that can be changed or updated whenever the wearer pleases. With a simple three step process, the consumer also becomes the designer, creating something that's a unique reflection of personal aesthetic.

The innovative and creative premise behind SparklePop's Mixers speak to people with a do-it-yourself mentality who value individualism and fashion.