From Handmade Sand Jewelry to Faux Fur Statement Earrings

 - Mar 7, 2018
Accessories can make or break an ensemble, but well-curated minimalist outfits with statement jewelry pieces are always a safe bet for the fashion-forward individual. Of course, there are a wide variety of sculpted designs to choose from—from handmade crystal jewelry and polymer clay-based designs to abstract art-inspired necklaces and extravagant coral-shaped pieces. This only means that there is an ever-growing selection for the picky consumer who wants to identify the best types of statement jewelry pieces for his or her style.

The abundance of sculptural accessories is not the only perk, however. The majority of the designs are handcrafted and created by contemporary artists and craftspeople. Hence, when one decides to delve into the market of statement jewelry pieces, one is confronted not only by aesthetically unique and excessively creative things, but also has the chance to support independent businesses and hardworking artisans.