LOÉIL's Wooden Heart Earrings Seamlessly Fuse Fun and Sophistication

 - Nov 16, 2017
References: theloeil
LOÉIL is a womenswear brand known for offering premium clothing and accessory pieces at an affordable price point -- its 'Roua' heart earrings are a statement accessory that is both fun and sophisticated, two qualities that are synonymous with the e-retailer's product range.

Featuring an oversized and hollow heart shape, these statement earrings are wood-crafted. They also feature a metal backing that is gold-plated, and are an eye-catching addition to any monochromatic wardrobe pairing.

These earrings draw inspiration from more conceptual runway styles, while their oversized look plays with proportion. Rejecting the minimalist and miniature accessories of recent fame, LOÉIL opts for large, sculptural jewelry that appeals to its target demographic -- Millennial women seeking to look effortlessly elegant while maintaining a sense of adventure.