Donna Brennan Combines Traditional and Contemporary Designs

 - Feb 26, 2018
References: donnabrennan
The handmade crystal jewelry by Donna Brennan is a wearable sculptural art collection. The unique and well-curated clusters of precious and semi-precious gemstones on delicate golden bands are exquisite and indicative of high status. The designs of the handmade crystal jewelry in the London-based studio aim to provide "a trove of tradition with a contemporary twist."

From diamonds, sapphire and pink tourmaline to peridot and citrine, the rings in Donna Brennan's collection do not only boast earthly gemstones, but they also are inspired and formed into an organic designs. The handmade crystal jewelry that composes the 'Cocktail' collection, for example, is a fine art couture capsule that "is as individual as you are," while paying tribute to the wondrous shapes of natural forms.

Photo Credits: Donna Brennan