- Jan 12, 2019
The top 2018 charity trends reveal some of the issues that are currently top-of-mind for many consumers, who are eager to support a range of social and environmental issues with products, creative collaborations, campaigns, pop-up events and more.

While many consumers and companies have been working towards reducing the amount of waste they produce for years, 2018 introduced a significant number of new anti-plastic initiatives, apparel and accessory designs made from ocean plastic and packaging designs that bring attention to hot topics in sustainability such as pollution or food waste.

When it comes to some of the ways that consumers are now able to support their favorite charities, organizations are turning to contactless donation posters and jewelry designs, cryptocurrencies and experiential events that have the potential to make longlasting impressions.

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From Bee-Saving Honey Granolas to Pride-Supporting Graphic Tees: