Gordeon Reid & Callum Stephenson Fuel a World Cup-Themed Project

Studio Middle Boop's founder Gordon Reid and graphic designer Callum Stephenson issue a call for inspiring beer mats that boast designs, tying the coasters to World Cup tournaments. The illustrations zero in on memorable moments of past FIFA cups — from "David Beckham's infamous red card against Argentina in 1998" to "Diego Maradona's 'Hand of God' goal in 1986."

In order to pay tribute to the sport and event with an inclusive technique and approach to style, the beer mats carry on the original works of 20 skilled graphic designers. Gordon Reid and Callum Stephenson make the illustrations in their commissioned collection available online. All of the proceeds of the beer mats are going to fund the development of a "multi-purpose space in Brixton, London" for educational charity Football Beyond Borders.