This Detachable Sidecar Makes Transporting People and Things Easier

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: indiegogo
This detachable sidecar can be added to any bike for the safe and simple transport of people and goods.

The 'BikeBuddy' attachment clips onto the users bike and features a spacious seat that is large enough to fit two people, as well as a significant amount of leg space that would also be able carry plenty of items -- whether they are groceries or storage boxes. The useful contraption comes with two different canopies that allow it to protect both the people sitting in it and the bike rider from the rain. In addition, a car-shaped canopy can be added to the detachable sidecar which would make it an excellent item for children. The BikeBuddy also comes with a seat belt, ensuring the safety of those riding in it.

This detachable sidecar eases the transport of people and goods while ensuring their protection from changing weather and potential road hazards.