The 'Lifebuoy Boat' Concept Features Separate Sections for Each Person

 - Jul 6, 2017
References: tuvie
The 'Lifebuoy Boat' concept features a modular aesthetic that works to ensure that lifeboats are kept as safe and secure as possible when emergency strikes. The 'Lifebuoy Boat' works by incorporating separate sections for each member of a family or group in order to increase the safety factor. This allows the sections to come apart from one another and become individual life raft buoys that will float independently, which could come in hand when it comes to rescue operations or if one module is compromised.

The 'Lifebuoy Boat' concept is the design work of Chunmao Wu, Renqiu Chen and Xiang Wu, and was inspired by the real life event of Syrian refugees who lost their lives during an accident when seeking asylum.