From Roving Body Robots to Smart Analog Watches

 - Nov 27, 2016
The top November 2016 wearable tech ideas include emotion trackers, athletic sunglasses powered by artificial intelligence and smartwatches that sync to one's vehicle.

At the same time many wearable technology designs are becoming more inconspicuous, there are also more prominent sleeves, wrist guards and body suits being created, suggesting that consumers may be more interested in the detailed collection of data than indistinguishable designs.

As well as offering insights into one's health and daily habits, wearable devices are now now providing even greater value to consumers. For instance, the STYR app uses data collected from one's FitBit, Strava or Jawbone in order to provide custom nutritional products. Similarly, health insurance provider Aetna is partnering with Apple to offer the Apple Watch at a reduced rate alongside customized health insurance plans.