The Neurosplint Assesses Wrist Posture and Offers High-Tech Feedback

 - Oct 4, 2016
References: neurospectrum & amazon
The Neurosplint is a groundbreaking new wrist stabilizer and feedback device that is designed to help people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome to get some relief. This comfortable wearable device makes use of high-tech magnetic sensor technologies to measure a variety of characteristics pertaining to your wrist positioning, angle and movement. The device is capable of measuring when your wrist moves beyond a preset threshold point and alerting you to correct your wrist position.

What's great about the Neurosplint wrist stabilizer is the fact that it doesn't force you to hold your wrist within a certain range but empowers and teaches you to maintain a healthy wrist position by providing visual, tactile and sound alerts. This means that unlike regular wrist splints, the Neurosplint wrist stabilizer can be worn while you're working and going about your day.