This High-Tech Battery is Designed For Wearable Electronics

 - Oct 25, 2016
References: ca.wiley & newatlas
Engineers and scientists working out of Fudan University in China have teamed up with the Samsung R&D Institute to create an exceptionally high-tech battery that is specifically designed to withstand the unique trials and tribulations of being used in wearable electronics.

This high-tech battery makes use of a special polymer layer that can automatically bind with carbon components when broken, essentially making it possible for the battery to be repaired by simple pressing its two ends together. The battery is capable of withstanding several cycles of damage and repair. The battery is also designed to safely contain its lithium ingredients for greater safety.

While there is much excitement about wearable technologies, the fact of the matter is that this requires innovation in the world of battery design, and this high-tech battery is a fine example of basic technologies evolving to meet new consumer models.