From Tilt-Tracking Trains to Portable Vaccine Coolers

 - Oct 29, 2016
From trains that can compensate for sudden movements to coolers that regulate the temperature of vaccines during transport, the October 2016 science trends demonstrate a great deal of innovation in the fields of both transportation and healthcare.

With autonomous transportation quickly becoming a reality, there is a great deal of innovation when it comes to helping consumers get from point A to point B faster and more safely. For example, a new device called the LiDAR sensor is being used to detect obstacles that may come into contact with self-driving vehicles. Similarly, Amtrak is currently installing high-tech equipment on its trains that anticipates tilting and then adjusts accordingly to ensure passengers enjoy a smoother ride.

Beyond transportation, the field of healthcare is also undergoing major transformation thanks to scientific innovations. As the October 2016 science trends highlight, these innovations include portable vaccine coolers, affordable drug-testing papers and 3D-printed biological bones.