'Dark Sky' Gives Weather Data Based on Specific Addresses

 - Sep 22, 2016
References: digitaltrends & darksky.net
Weather sites often give people a few pieces of data based on their city alone, but the Dark Sky weather site recognized that this is a flawed system. Anyone who's driven across town on a rainy day knows that the weather can change even within a few blocks. The Dark Sky website allows users to enter any specific city address, rather than an entire city or even neighborhood, giving users the most precise weather predictions available.

Beyond accurate predictions, the Dark Sky system uses appealing and intuitive graphics to convey information. Its animations include precipitation, temperature, "feels like temperature" (or how it actually feels outside with wind chill or humidity,) wind speed, UV index, and more.

The site also allows users to look days, weeks, or months ahead and to check the weather from past days.