From Flax Hemp Apparel to Organic Feminine Hygiene Products

 - Oct 30, 2016
As the October 2016 eco trends reveal, many of the products that consumers use everyday are getting an eco-friendly upgrade. Not only is packaging becoming more sustainable, but many everyday products are also being crafted from materials that are less harmful to humans and the environment.

When it comes to clothing, eco-friendly designs are not exactly new. However, what is new is that these garments are becoming mainstream instead of something only worn by the most extremely eco-conscious consumers. For example, the European company FREITAG is creating high-fashion, unisex garments that are completely biodegradable.

Beyond clothing, many other everyday products are also undergoing an eco-friendly makeover. Indeed, the October 2016 eco trends reveal that consumers can now purchase sustainable versions of their favorite single-serve coffee capsules, device chargers and even Bluetooth stereo systems.