The 'WaterShark' Gobbles Garbage as it Autonomously Cruises

 - Sep 14, 2016
References: & newatlas
With the amount of plastic waste and other garbage in the world's oceans reaching new highs, the 'WaterShark' water drone is designed to help eliminate some of it. Engineered for use in harbors, the 'WaterShark' can seek out and collect waste that's present around harbors and shores before it can make its way out to sea.

Created by the RanMarine company, the 'WaterShark' looks something like a miniature catamaran that is somewhat discreet when in the water. The onboard computer software allows the 'WaterShark' water drone to learn about its location to effective ensure it's being as efficient as possible.

The 'WaterShark' identifies a great way to clean up coastlines and harbors, but also identifies what could be done to clean up the other vast amounts of waste in the world's oceans.