This High-Tech Fabric Converts Sunlight and Friction Into Power

 - Sep 14, 2016
References: & newatlas
A group of engineers and researchers working out of the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed an exceptionally high-tech fabric that is designed to be cable of harnessing energy from the sun as well as from movement forces, enabling it to be potentially incorporated into energy-generating clothing.

This high-tech fabric takes advantage of the electrical charge that can result when two layers of material rub up against one another, generating fiction. For this reason, the fabric consists of special nano-generators and solar cells that are woven in with wool, making for a hybrid energy-generating textile that can generate power from sunlight exposure and even from wind force. The material also happens to be lightweight, flexible and breathable, and so is comfortable to wear.

This energy-generating fabric technology could eventually be incorporated into clothing, where it could generate enough power to juice up some personal electronics.