From Responsive Sports Bras to Illuminating Athletic Vests

 - Oct 28, 2016
With the rise of wearable technology, tech-integrated clothing is no longer a futuristic concept. Indeed, consumers can now get their hands on everything from performance-tracking sportswear to vests that allow them to signal their intended direction while cycling.

One type of clothing that can greatly benefit from the addition of new technology is activewear. With many consumers turning to fitness trackers and other wearables to monitor their performance, it seems only natural that clothing should be able to carry out similar functions. Examples of connected activewear includes Ralph Lauren's Sensory Smartshirt, Enflux smart clothing and Sensoria's sensor-embedded sports bra.

Beyond simply helping consumers keep track of fitness data, tech-integrated clothing can also be useful on a more practical level. For instance, Joe's Jeans recently developed a pair of jeans equipped with a smartphone-charging pocket for powering up on the go. Similarly, Lunative has created a line of Electric Apparel, which includes battery-operated lights that help consumers stay visible in the dark.