The 'Chameleon Mood Scarf' Changes Based on Mood, Light and Temperature

 - Jun 18, 2015
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The 'Chameleon Mood Scarf' is made from innovative textiles that change based on mood, light and temperature. Inspired by the color-shifting abilities of the chameleon, this scarf beautifully projects the feelings of those who wear it.

Similar to a chameleon’s skin, the Chameleon Mood Scarf is of several distinct layers of fabric. Each layer features a unique color and pattern that has been printed with different types of high-tech ink. It is the use of these revolutionary ink sensors that causes changes based on mood and environmental factors such as light and temperature. The overall effect is that the scarf will have a dramatically altered experience at different moments in time.

Not only is the Chameleon Mood Scarf beautiful, but it also feels extremely luxurious. Made from 100 percent silk chiffon, the scarf is appropriate for wearing in both hot and cold climates.