From Colorless Cap Collections to Connected Card Organizers

 - Mar 9, 2016
These urban hipster accessories range from monochromatic hat collections to connected card organizers and backpacks that appeal to tech-savvy Millennials. Urban hipsters are no longer synonymous with a starving artist stereotype and come in many varieties that demand different lifestyle needs.

While today's business professionals are choosing to express themselves through youthful apparel that is still office-appropriate, those in the creative industry are making a bolder fashion statement while referencing popular culture or nostalgia. When looking at the most relevant hipster accessories of today, connected wallets and bespoke office accessories are resonating with consumers who seek to invest in reliable, handmade and durable products that don't skip out on style.

Though urban professionals are likely to invest in leather-made and artisanal goods, a more youthful demographic is likely to opt for collectible streetwear and sneakers that marry style with exclusivity. Great examples that are successfully marketed to these audiences include Kanye West's collaborative shoe range with Adidas and Nike's recent golf collection that consisted of traditional pieces with a nostalgic and urban twist.