These Bucket & Baseball Vintage Caps are Made from Old Pool Tables

'ValorisationLab' is a Ukrainian fashion start-up that designs and creates stylish vintage caps from upcycled materials. Adding to its collection of hats made from scarves, this project is for the billiard-lover -- caps made out of old billiard tablecloths.

While the tops of old pool tables weren't designed to be worn, the wool and nylon material is actually perfect to keep players' heads warm. The classy and iconic forest green material is paired with warm brown leather brims and genuine leather logos and back straps. Each hat is one-of-a-kind, with unique marks of past games played speckled about the head wear -- created by ball breaks traveling up to 30 mph.

Available as a bucket hat, snap-back, baseball and 5-panel cap, the vintage caps are stylish and sleek and the perfect lucky attire for a zealous game of pool.