- Aug 18, 2015
Sustainability is becoming more important to both consumers and manufacturing brands, giving rise to an abundance of upcycled fashion pieces. Things like ocean trash and bubble wrap are not only more environmentally conscious materials but they can also reduce costs and create closed-loop manufacturing systems.

An example of this system can be seen in Speedo and Aquafil's sustainable swimsuits. The unused scraps from Speedo's suits are upcycled into a stronger nylon, becoming higher caliber swimwear that can be infinitely recycled. Another big brand following suit is H & M -- creating fast fashion using old textiles that are still reasonably priced.

Even if a brand is not particularly eco-centered, the opportunity of greater publicity is a good enough reason to create upcycled fashion pieces. Whether it's a designer's new fashion line or a DIY project, recycled materials are everywhere and can be used to showcase creativity and encourage sustainability.

From Recycled Rubbish Sneakers to Upcycled Scarf Dresses: