ValorisationLab Makes Modern-Retro Streetwear from Old Scarves

'ValorisationLab' is a modern-retro streetwear company that uses vintage scarves purchased at garage sales and thrift stores to design custom hats. The hats are comprised of five panels and have the option to be made with or without a brim or in a snapback style. The brims are made from recycled plastic, making these hats extremely eco-friendly.

Each hat is unique in pattern and size because ValorisationLab cannot use the same scarf over again. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to seek funding in order to help bring their modern-retro streetwear to a global level.

The hats are all hand-made and crafted by skilled headwear experts in the Ukraine and then sold through an online outlet. Based on the versatile patterns and shapes, the hats are made for males and females of any age.