- Dec 24, 2015
From wearable fashion accessories to home decor and DIY crafts, these gifts for animal lovers are suited to people of all ages, from children to adults who are truly kids at heart. Some of the most imaginative objects take inspiration from the forms of animals, turning ordinary pocket knives, lamps, backpacks and bookcases into whimsical wildlife-shaped creations.

Beyond just amusing the animal lover in your life with a novelty gift, there are a number of companies that tie products to campaigns for animals and the environment. For instance, Williamson Tea supports elephant rehabilitation in Africa, while the purchase of a Chateau La Paws wine bottle aids shelter dogs.

Those concerned with animal welfare will also appreciate Wet n Wild's line of cruelty-free makeup brushes, as well as Packs Project bags that are made from vegan leather.

From Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes to Animal-Saving Beer: