WWF Russia's Wild Animal Tattoos Encourage Permanent Inking for Awareness

 - Aug 18, 2014
References: wwf.ru & wildtattoo.ru
If you happen to have a love of saving animals and getting inked, WWF Russia's Wild Tattoo campaign and its one-of-a-kind animal tattoo designs will be of interest to you.

The Wild Tattoo project involves 14 world-renowned tattoo artists and 14 unique tattoo designs that pay tribute to endangered animals like the Snow Leopard, Atlantic Walrus and the Polar Bear. Participants can sign up via Wild Tattoo to have these designs permanently inked on their bodies—and each of the 14 designs will never be replicated again. The campaign is one that is designed to go about raising awareness for some of the world's most endangered animals in an unusual way that will get people chatting. Although there will only be 14 people who get inked up for WWF, these tattoos will mean a lot and come with a worthy story to share.