From Poacher-Tracking Drones to Cruelty-Free Photo Campaigns

 - Sep 15, 2015
From poacher-tracking drones to cruelty-free photo campaigns, these animal-saving initiatives are designed to raise awareness about different animal issues. Although many people are interested in protecting wildlife, few are qualified to carry out projects in the field. These initiatives allow ordinary citizens to contribute to efforts to save wild animals.

Some of the most aggressive animal-saving initiatives are aimed at combating illegal poaching. Many of these campaigns involve using new technology to track different species and stem the flow of illegal animal byproducts such as elephant tucks, rhino horns and shark fins. Some of these innovative anti-poaching campaigns include synthetic elephant tusks, wildlife-protecting drones and livestreaming rhino implants.

Beyond poaching, many animal saving campaigns are aimed at local issues as well. For example, one of these projects involves building a bridge to help wildlife cross a busy California freeway. There are also cruelty-free photo campaigns that seek to end the abuse of domesticated animals.