Pets Endangered Species Lets You Take Care of Disappearing Animals

Pets Endangered Species is a gaming concept by Jarvis Production that encourages people to take care of a virtual endangered animal, much like you would a Tamagotchi. Players would be able to feed, train and interact with the virtual endangered animals but as in real life, it's all about equilibrium—if you overdo an action, such as overfeeding your pet, they will become noticeably plumper.

Animals like Pandas, Snow Leopards and Tasmanian Devils would be available for purchase, as well as specific items for the animals like food, climbing structures and other sources of entertainment. These in-game purchases could be graphed to show the amount of money players have donated towards saving these animals. Additionally, the game provides animal profiles and more information on what they can do to help save these creatures.

Pets Endangered Species is now on Kickstarter, campaigning to further the game's development and launch it across mobile and tablet platforms.