From Giant Pigeon Graffiti to Dismal Zoo Artwork

 - Jun 27, 2015
Graffiti can be a powerful artistic medium and these examples of animal-inspired street art help to convey important messages about the creatures we interact with on a daily basis. Whether the message is about animal rights or simply appreciating the beauty of a misunderstood species, these beautiful murals will certainly capture your attention.

One of the major themes found in animal-inspired street art is that of animal cruelty. Several artists have use graffiti as a way of illustrating the unusual and inhuman environments animals are forced to live in. Using melancholic images and powerful symbolism, these murals convey the plight of animals who have not been cared for.

Of course, not all examples of animal-inspired graffiti are about the suffering of wild creatures. The work of some artists is focused on capturing the beauty and humor of the animals we interact with on a daily basis. Whether it is a a giant pigeon peeking out from above a building or a prominent pussycat painting, these works of art convey the allure and mystic of animals.