Matt Moore's Animal Illustrations Focus on Shapes and Colors

 - Aug 5, 2013
References: mwmgraphics & mymodernmet
Boston-based artist Matt W. Moore's animal illustrations are heavily focused on shapes and colors. These semi-simplistic critter depictions cover a wide range of wild life and use intriguing shapes to present them in a new way.

Some of the animals featured in this illustration series are turtles, squirrels, fish, birds, raccoon, beetles, crabs and even a moose. These animals maintain their standard shapes and colors overall, but the colors are exaggerated and when viewers look closely they can see triangles, squares, circles and other shapes within the animal's outline.

Matt W. Moore is a graphic designer as well as a street artist. He has his own graphics company, for which these animal illustrations were created. Moore portrays familiar animals in an unfamiliar way that demands attention.