- Jan 31, 2014
Like the name suggests, a humanimal is a hybrid of human and animal featuring the same characteristics. If you see a humanimal in the flesh, run like the wind; with capabilities of an animal, yet the cognitive abilities and function of a human, this is one beast you do not want to mess with.

Although this is only a mystical creature, it has been said that we do possess some for animalistic capabilities and sometimes we see the humanimal philosophy taken quite literally, mostly for theatrics or fashion; like when you see young women dawning cat ears or wolf hoods on a regular night out.

These days it seems that people are trying to personify their pets more than most of us would like to see. Whether they’re delving into the option of humanimal, or just partaking in sheer cruelty is yet to be determined.





From Humanimal Headgear to a Humanimal Nude Spread: