Kate Clark Crafts Realistic Animals With Lifelike Human Faces

 - Mar 7, 2012
References: kateclark & juxtapoz
These Kate Clark sculptures have the distinct ability to make viewers want to look away and stare at the same time. It’s just so bizarre seeing lifelike human faces on the bodies of realistic animal bodies that people are simultaneously disgusted and intrigued. Clark’s craftsmanship of the sculptures’ torsos and limbs are so convincing, in fact, that I was certain they were taxidermy.

Kate Clark is based in Brooklyn, New York and her humanimal creations are regularly exhibited across the country and around the world. She often selects exotic animals for her work, and their unique furs usually find their way onto the faces of each piece. The expressions of the human visages range from serene to tortured, making it that much more eerie for viewers as they find it nearly impossible not empathize with Clark’s art.