- Jan 15, 2015
When one thinks of superhero art, graphic novels and action films come to mind and are the inspiration behind these re-imagined comic book characters.

Comic book art is no longer traditional but has been re-interpreted by a number of illustrators and graphic designers. The result includes photoshopped superhero movie stills along with child-like comic book imagery that depicts younger versions of iconic characters like Superman and Batman.

While some of these re-imagined superhero art examples aim to challenge stereotypes, others address social causes and paint a raw picture of what a hero's vulnerable side may look like.

Standouts from this list include artist Sébastien Livolsiè's plump Wonder Woman sculpture that reinterprets the heroine's svelte figure into one that is more curvy along with artist Mioxy's paparazzi-inspired superhero illustrations.

From Comic Celeb Illustrations to Curvy Heroine Sculptures: