Thanks to His Daughter, BaronVonGrant Creates Baby Movie Posters

 - Jun 24, 2014
References: imgur & designtaxi
Imgur user BaronVonGrant creates playful baby movie posters by infusing his daughter into cinematic scenes. His daughter unintentionally posed in a dramatic superhero-like stance and BaronVonGrant just so happened to capture it. The infant's stance, which includes her standing with her one arm dramatically forced outwards and her other hand in a tight fist close to her body, coincides perfectly with any action movie stills.

This creative dad decided to Photoshop her into movie scenes that are action-packed. For example, she can be seen using the force alongside Star Wars' Yoda, fighting crime with Iron Man and playing quidditch with Harry Potter.

The new digital, side-split movie scenes are fascinating and truly comical. One can only hope this cute baby actually makes it to the big screen in the future.