Artist Ale Giorgini's Drawings are Minimalist and Geometrical

 - Sep 8, 2014
References: alegiorgini &
There are a ton of famous pop culture couples including Marge and Homer, Charlie and Snoopy, Batman and Robin, and the list continues. Whether best friends or life partners (or many cases both), their relationship can often be condensed into a single iconic image. From Spider Man's upside down kiss with Mary Jane to Ann Darrow in the palm of King Kong's hand, it is easy to think about these pop culture couples in specific ways.

Ale Giorgini, an Italian artist, relies on these familiar scenes to depict his chosen pop culture couples. Since he reimagines them in a distinct minimalist and geometrical style, it comes as no surprise that he adheres to their stereotypes. Not to mention that his color choices are completely on point as well. People will love his pop culture couple renditions.