From Morbid Chocolate Confections to Pop-Art Pizza Portraits

 - Jun 27, 2015
These examples of edible artwork demonstrate that food can be an entertaining and tasty artistic medium. Whether it is an intricate pancake design or a humorous pizza portrait, these examples of food-based art are sure to make your stomach growl.

While edible art may seem like a new phenomenon, it is actually a popular practice in many parts of the world. For example, the Japanese practice of decorating bento boxes has been popular for quite some time. These artists use rice, seaweed and other edible ingredients in order to create quirky and whimsical sushi creations.

Beyond sushi, pancakes have recently emerged as another fun food art medium. By using different layers of pancake batter, these artists manage to create impossibly detailed designs. Some of these flapjack creations pay homage to popular Disney characters, while others feature more frightening designs.

Regardless of how these creations turn out, the best part about edible artwork is devouring the final product.