Samantha Lee's Kids Always Look Forward to Their Next Meal

 - Nov 27, 2013
References: eatzybitzy
I wish my mom knew how to do what food artist Samantha Lee did with broccoli when I was younger. A stay-at-home mom, with no professional culinary experience, Lee has become an online food God of sorts with her super creative and whimsical food designs.

Lee started playing around with food design in December of 2008 when she was pregnant with her second daughter and had a hard time getting her eldest daughter to eat on her own. Now, everyone from the Huffington Post to her 363,000 Instagram followers are fans of her mini artwork dishes, which have featured the likes of Hello Kitty, Lady Gaga, Snow White, Batman and my favorite, the Despicable Me minions. And she makes them out of kale, cherry tomatoes and asparagus; Lee can turn every single healthy veggie and fruit out there into something too pretty to eat.

What makes this super mom even more awesome is that fact that her blog Eatzy Bitzy offers step-by-step instructions (with images and ingredients) on how to make these pretty plates come to life.