Dina Belenko Recreates Gaming Icons in this Sugar Cube Art Series

Luckily when Dina Belinko's mother told her not to play with her food, she didn't listen, resulting in this awesome sugar cube art.

Her 8-bit food installations brink a geek-chicness to tea time. This series features appearances from Pac Man, Space Invaders and Tetris. She uses tea time mainstays like sugar cubes, spoons, desserts and cereal flakes to create these well-known gamer icons.

The photography is well-timed, as you can see the splashes in tea cups and cereal bowls. It's clear these prints are much more than a bored foray into food art. The Russian artist is a photographer who specializes in creative still art images. She explains the philosopher behind her sugar cube art by saying, "I love anything that cups, puzzles, broken glass and paper airplanes can tell me."