From 8-Bit Celebrity Caricatures to Retro Gaming Stop-Motion Shorts

 - Feb 28, 2012
The 8-bit aesthetic has becoming overwhelmingly popular in the last decade, which is probably why readers can find examples of pixel art in almost any product on the marketplace. From Christmas ornaments and home furnishings to techcessories and Valentine’s Day cards, it seems everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon and using the nostalgic game graphics look to push their wares.

Many up-and-coming artists are also dabbling in pixel art in hopes of garnering media attention for their work. You can find pixel art versions of pop starlets, superheroes, birds, actors and even characters from the Bible. And since the Internet is currently oversaturated with renderings with this minimalist blocky style, illustrators are pushing their creative limits in order to conceive innovative concepts to differentiate themselves from their peers.