Jesus Castaneda Pixelates Pop Culture Characters to Pint-Sized Toons

 - Nov 20, 2011
References: j-castaneda.tumblr & blog.thaeger
If Jesus Castaneda can create such detailed and accurate depictions of superheroes and pop culture characters using just a handful of pixels, it makes me wonder why so many of my NES games looked so cruddy.

An aspiring Torontonian Graphic Designer, Castaneda has transformed some of geekdom's most beloved protagonists and villains into the cutesy images your eyes are currently enjoying. Though these vibrant quirky illustrations are indeed made with simple colored swatches, they still demonstrate Castaneda's understanding of art fundamentals such as lighting and value. And the fact that he gave his versions of comic book badasses chubby little bellies only makes me love his creations even more.

Some of the characters featured in this gallery of Jesus Castaneda 8-bitifications include Batman and Robin, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, Superman, Deadpool and much more.