In Celebration of the Gritty 'Man of Steel' Superman Reboot

 - Jun 11, 2013
The new 'Man of Steel' Superman reboot, released June 14th, is going to inject the Superman franchise with a bit of grunge and darkness. To celebrate, fans of Superman and his heroic deeds can dress, eat and smell like the immortal man.

Superman is the essence of masculinity and heroism. Fans who want to channel these qualities in their own day-to-day lives can now spritz themselves with Superman-inspired cologne. This musky smell was inspired by Clark Kent himself and is sure to make wearers smell every bit the hero. Female Superman fans can also pay tribute to the greatest hero of all time using Superman logo lip art. This lip paint tutorial gives instructions on how to create the iconic Superman 'S' symbol using lips and a bit of makeup.

Whether you prefer the new, grittier Superman character or the original comic book figure, these Superman-inspired products are a fantastic way to pay tribute to the new installment in the Superman legacy.