Riza Turker Depicts Famous Characters as Tiny Kids

Riza Turker isn’t interested in depicting pop culture heroes like Superman and Ryu from Street Fighter while they’re in their prime; that’s what everyone else is doing. Instead, the talented illustrator from Turkey chooses to render these badasses while they’re still goofy looking kids, producing images that bring revered characters to a humorous and ultimately more empathetic level. You’ll never want to hug a Ninja Turtle more than you do while looking at Turker’s digital painting of a plump Raphael.

Also found within Riza Turker’s collection of pop culture kids are Spider-Man, Venom, Poison Ivy, Bane, Hellboy, Robin, Goku and much more. Viewers will notice that many of Turker’s depictions feature these butt-kicking characters frolicking about in fields, which adds to the overall laugh-inducing quality of these pictures.