- Jul 25, 2014
In the world of graphic design, illustrators are often coming up with interesting-looking and innovative alphabet fonts that will grab the attention of viewers. Many of these alphabets are used to enhance the ideal, concept or product being sold in various two-dimensional or three design methods.

Advertising and media often use typographic alphabets to further convey a product's message. There are alphabets made from cookies, edible ingredients and even grilled food that literally use the food product to promote the food item to the viewer. This way consumers can see the product being used to visually sell them a message. Artists also create unique typographic alphabets to explore various phenomenons. For example one artist explores how the mouth makes sound with an oral alphabet. Each letter personifies the sound the mouth makes when it is pronouncing that specific letter. It's interesting to see all the ways the English alphabet can be redesigned.

From Alphabet Cookie Types to Colorful Edible Typography: