The Ji Lee Univers Revolved Project Shows Creates 3-D Writing

 - Jun 4, 2012
References: universrevolved & fastcodesign
The Ji Lee Univers Revolved Project creates a different language from the alphabet we are so used to -- it manipulates conventional letters into the z-axis, and making them completely bulb-like and 3D.

Ji Lee had just been playing around with the concept of rotating shapes into geometric objects when he discovered the lamp or toy-like font. An interesting concept, the project makes us look at our conventional letters in an abstract way. This shows that even the most mundane things have an alternate aspect to them that we may not have previously thought of. The project has been put together into a book that can be bought off Amazon for $8.

Had Ji Lee not showed us how these cool characters were formed, this would've been made for a successful code language of some sort!