From Junkfood Typography to Chocolate Scrabble

 - May 19, 2013
Food and typography enthusiasts will rejoice over these sweet fonts that bring the flavors of typefaces like Helvetica, Bodoni and Futura to life.

If the deliciousness of these food-inspired illustrations and typography sets don't already have you licking the screen, you'll surely start to salivate over real-life edibles like type-imprinted chocolate bars, pies topped with text and letter-shaped cookies.

There's something to appeal to everyone; fruit-shaped alphabets for healthy eaters, sticky caramel fonts for those with a sweet tooth and indulgent junk food lettering -- just for every once in a while. If your taste buds prefer savory to sweet, avid readers will literally be able to "consume" edible lasagna cookbooks -- even picky eaters will find something they like in these tasty typographic treats.