This Flag Typeface Uses Countries as Lettering

 - May 1, 2014
References: cargocollective & designboom
What better way to learn your ABCs and your countries than to use a flag typeface? We've seen the classic letters of the alphabet contorted and skewed into all sorts of whacky and interesting shapes, but this one may be the best for learning. The cool thing about this particular typeface is that it takes the various shapes from the flags, alters them and makes them into letters.

The purpose of this whole flag typeface project is unity. It puts all the countries in the light by using all their flags particular attributes and using them to form shapes. When put together you can even create multinational words and phrases.

This typeface can be an excellent way to brand a multicultural team or even just to use as a colorful logo.

Photo Credits: designboom, cargocollective