From Cartoon Monster Typefaces to Alphabetical Home Furnishings

 - Jul 25, 2015
These examples of alphabet artwork demonstrate that typography can take on many different forms. As graphic design techniques continue to improve, illustrators and designers are constantly looking for new ways to represent everyday letters. These examples demonstrate that many different objects can be used to visually enhance our alphabet.

Some of the most fun examples of alphabet artwork involve the use of food. By using everyday dishes and meals, artists are able to create imaginative typography that is also edible. Some examples of food-based alphabets include the use of fresh produce, sugary confections and even grilled meats.

Beyond the use of food, many designers have transformed the alphabet by playing with dimensions. Instead of limiting themselves to two-dimensional typography, artists have been able to use different objects to design 3D creations. These multidimensional alphabets involve the use of unique objects such as plants, furniture, snow globes and even false teeth.