Otis Frampton's Abcdefgeek is a Clever Picture Dictionary

Comic book artist and writer Otis Frampton created ABCDEFGeek, a humorous picture dictionary that not only teaches kids about the letters of the alphabet but also gets them started early on learning about geek culture.

Using a similar art style to that of his web series ‘How It Should Have Ended,’ Frampton gives even geekdom’s most horrifying characters like Xenomorphs, Predators and Hannibal, a child friendly makeover. A fun way to get your kids interested in learning their alphabets, Frampton’s geeky alphabet letters will draw kids in with its bright colors and cute characters, and provide you with a fun way to engage with your child.

Otis Frampton has yet to complete his geeky picture dictionary, having nine letters of the alphabet remaining. I am "E" for "Excited" to see the rest of the letters.